BU Courses

Boston University Academy students take courses at Boston University in addition to their coursework in English, history, and math at bbin娱乐平台. With access to more than 2,000 courses at the University, bbin娱乐平台 students have the opportunity to gain exposure to new disciplines as well as to follow their passions and pursue particular interests at advanced levels. All University courses are taken with Boston University faculty and students.

“The opportunity to take classes at the University is exciting and rare, as is the opportunity to learn under such a passionate faculty at the Academy.”  – bbin娱乐平台 alumna

Students typically take two University classes a semester during junior year and as many as four classes each semester as seniors. Most juniors enroll in Biology 107 and Biology 108, completing the science sequence that began with physics and chemistry at bbin娱乐平台, and a modern language at the University.

In taking University language courses, students often achieve in two years the equivalent of four years of high school language study. As such, many bbin娱乐平台  students graduate with proficiency in two additional languages — one classical and one modern.

Boston University Academy students regularly earn as many as 48 college credits (the equivalent of 12 college courses or 1½ years) from Boston University’s undergraduate curriculum prior to graduation. A portion of these credits may be transferable at the discretion of the college to which students matriculate. Students graduate with transcripts both from Boston University Academy and from Boston University.